Wladimir Klitschko return revealed as April Fools’ joke

Wladmimir Klitschko’s ‘return to boxing’ has been unveiled as one of the least funny April Fools’ pranks in recent memory.


It was reported on Monday that the Ukrainian was making a return to the heavyweight division in May and had signed a three-fight deal.


However, Sport Arena, the publication from Klitschko’s homeland were just having us on and the former champ is not stepping back through the ropes any time soon.


Sport Arena published a round-up of jokes from 1 April and stated: ‘Perhaps Vladimir will return to the ring, but the date and place of the battle is for now just a joke of Sport Arena.’


The original report had included details such as the network Wlad had signed with, how much he was getting paid and the venue of his comeback bout.


They even stuck in a quote from the former undisputed heavyweight champ. However, it is not to be believed, and the 43-year-old remains in retirement, for now.


British heavyweight David Price had fallen for the gag, offering himself as an opponent for Dr Steelhammer’s return after his DQ win over Kash Ali at the weekend.


‘I’d love that, that’d be great, wouldn’t it?’ Price told talkSPORT. ‘Look, I’m world famous now, aren’t I? Because of the bite! ‘You know, he’s probably looking for a bit of an easy one to come back Wladimir, so I’d definitely love the opportunity for that.’

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