Wilder Responds to Tony Bellew’s Criticism, Calls him B**** , Challenges Him to a Fight

Deontay Wilder has blasted retired former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew in an explosive interview.

The WBC heavyweight belt-holder was asked about his previous interactions with the Brit and didn’t hold back in his response.

“You know Tony Bellew a bitch,” Wilder told ThaBoxingVoice, “He was scared during that time and he’s scared now.

“I’ll still go down in weight. I can still lose weight. One thing I know how to do is go down.

“Any of these clowns around here wanna try Deontay Wilder, give me a chance? Meet me at a catchweight.”

The American’s comments appeared to come somewhat out of the blue, but make more sense in the context of an interview Bellew last week.

Britain’s ‘Bomber’ described Deontay Wilder as “the worst, least technically gifted heavyweight champion ever.” A comment that seems to have captured his attention.

“Sometimes it’s about principle,” Wilder continued, “This is a principle ass whooping right here. This is just because.

“If Bellew ever wants this, if he ever wants this work, let me know. I’ll get down or you can come up, whatever you comfortable with.”

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