WBC begin testing officials in bizarre new move

The WBC, one of boxing’s oldest and most highly regarded sanctioning bodies, have started testing their fight judges for recreational drugs.

In a move designed to emphasise “the importance of maintaining maximum integrity in boxing,” the organisation have asked judges to test for drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines.

Despite followers of the sport occasionally questioning whether ring officials have substances in their systems after some scorecards are announced, most never thought they would see a day on which they were actually tested.

The first two judges to partake in the new initiative were California’s Steve Morrow and Michigan’s Frank Garza.

The pair presented their tests at the WBC HQ in Mexico City and, thankfully, were both negative.

Moving forward, the WBC say they intend to work together with national/state federations across the world to develop this system.

The WBC’s full statement is as follows:

“The first two anti-doping tests for ring officials have been presented, as part of the Clean Boxing Program of the World Boxing Council.

“The WBC implemented this standard to randomly test ring officials, based on the importance of maintaining maximum integrity in boxing.

“The tests are designed to detect the usage of recreational drugs such as: marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines.

“Steve Morrow, Judge of California and Frank Garza, Michigan Judge, presented the tests at the World Boxing Council headquarters located in Mexico City, both of which were negative.

“The WBC will be working together with all the national and state federations of the world to develop this vital project.”

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