UFC President frustrated with the boxing Heavyweight mess too. “I’ll be moving to boxing in the Summer”

It’s not just boxing fans that are frustrated three of the very best heavyweights in the world look like they won’t fight each other this year.


You can add UFC president Dana White to that list, too.


“What I don’t like what [boxing] is doing if how they’re not fighting the best guys out there right now,” White said.


“They have [Deontay] Wilder and [Tyson] Fury who just fought to a draw in an incredible fight that people loved. The rematch isn’t happening with those two, and neither one of those two are going to fight [Anthony] Joshua,” White said.


White insists he will be making a move into boxing this year and given his promotional nous in the UFC, he might be a breath of fresh air.


Of course, UFC is far less complicated than all of the different boxing governing bodies. With mandatory challengers, purse bids and many other factors that go into making fights and negotiations, boxing has become a sport where the best do not face each other.


But White has a solution for WBO, IBF, IBO and WBA (super) heavyweight champion Joshua to face WBC champion Wilder and Fury, while getting the rematch between the latter two as well.


“These guys could do a round-robin fight, fight each other. You know, both guys could fight Joshua and they’d kill it. They’d make so much money and they would bring so much energy and life back to boxing. But these guys just keep shooting themselves in the foot.”


“I am making all my boxing moves after this summer,” White said. “When this summer is over, you’ll be hearing a lot about what I’m doing in the sport of boxing.”


It’s been reported that White has made overtures to AJ in the past – offers that White denies – but the UFC’s head honcho has admitted he’d love to have AJ under his wing.


“I would like that,” White said. “Right now, Anthony Joshua should be a huge star in the United States too. But he’s not.


“[Fighting in New York on June 1st] isn’t necessarily going to turn you into a big star. Hopefully, it does.”


It’s worth noting that White has already said he won’t work with sanctioning bodies like WBA, WBC and so on. Furthermore, he has repeatedly bad-mouthed promoters such as Bob Arum, Oscar De La Hoya, and Eddie Hearn and they are three of the four major promoters in boxing right now.


He may have a big announcement coming in boxing, but he’s either got something completely new in mind or he’s going to have to have a change of heart somewhere to make a mark.

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