Ricky Hatton “Joshua beat Ruiz 9 out of 10 times- Fury is Number 1”

Ricky Hatton believes Tyson Fury now deserves recognition as the best heavyweight on the planet.

The former two-weight world champion, who has been in Fury’s corner for his comeback, witnessed his win over Tom Schwarz in June first hand and was once again impressed with what he saw.

Overmatched German Schwarz was quickly halted by the ‘Gypsy King’ in two rounds as he dazzled and made a statement to a new audience on his Las Vegas debut.

“It couldn’t have been any better to be honest,” Hatton exclusively told talkSPORT.com

“He didn’t beat a world beater, he didn’t beat one of the top men in the division, but he did beat an unbeaten world class heavyweight in two rounds.

“He never laid a glove on him. He picked him off and then beat him up.

“Tyson’s known for his boxing ability, his defence and his movement, but you saw the nasty side that he’s got in his make up as well.

“He’s improved since the Wilder fight, he’s getting better and better.

“I think he deserves to be recognised as the best heavyweight.

“He might not have the belts, but I think anyone or any governing body would sit there and say he’s the man at the minute.”

Two weeks earlier, the heavyweight division exploded into life as Andy Ruiz Jr stunned Anthony Joshua with a seventh-round stoppage.

The Mexican-American underdog claimed the WBA, IBF and WBO titles with an upset victory that many, including Hatton, are still struggling to get their heads around.

“There’s loads of rumours knocking about…

“When a defeat comes up for one of our top fighters we always try and find out the reasons to try and get to the bottom of it.

“He didn’t look quite right before the fight for me.

“He was boxing okay, he knocked him down, but then I think he went in for the kill. Mexicans are just as dangerous when they’re hurt.

“I think maybe, knowing what a tough guy Ruiz was, maybe he should’ve softened him up a little bit more before he went in for the kill.”

In the aftermath, AJ and his team quickly declared their intentions to pursue a contracted rematch with Ruiz.

The ‘Hitman’ insists only those in the Brit’s team truly know whether or not this is a good idea, but favours Joshua to overcome his rival ‘nine times out of ten.’

“That’s up for Robert McCracken and Eddie Hearn [to decide], they know the machine they’re dealing with in Anthony.

“Sometimes people come back from defeats with a vengeance and some people they never come back the same.

“If you have to ask me as an outsider, I‘d say he beats Ruiz nine times out of ten, for me.

“Even though he’s a very, very dangerous fighter and he’s got very, very fast hands and he’s already planted that danger in Anthony’s mind.

“I think it’s a decision for the people that know Anthony best.

“If Nathan Gorman were to get beat by somebody and people were saying, ‘Oh, he’s gotta do this,’ I would tell them to mind their own business because they don’t know the man.

“But I would like to still see him back in there in future because it was still a shock defeat.

“I think he’s a better fighter than Ruiz, so I would get straight back in.”

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