Pacquiao vs. Thurman Update: Bradley Shares Thoughts; Pacquiao Looks Good In Training

Despite being 40, Manny Pacquiao is still looking healthy and strong in training. And while both Pacquiao and Thurman shape up for their upcoming fight in July, former boxing champion Timothy Bradley has shared some interesting insights on their bout.


World famous and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao continues to defy the laws of time as new photos of him in the middle of intense training started to hit the internet, Boxing Scene reported.


In the photos, the eight-division title holder seemed very healthy and a bit leaner than his usual fighting form. Quite obvious as well, is the happy, calm and stress-free look in the icon’s face as he trains hard for his younger opponent Keith Thurman.


Thurman, on the other hand, was reportedly overweight for welterweight. An issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible since the fight is scheduled on July.


As the two boxers prep up for a highly anticipated bout, an interesting insight was shared by a former boxing champion himself Timothy Bradley.


“Keith is in kind of a no-win situation if you think about,” Bradley said. “If he wins the fight, he beat a 40-year old Pacquiao not a prime Pacquiao.”


“I’m happy that he got the fight. Everyone’s looking at the last fight, his first fight back. But when you fighting a legend like Manny Pacquiao, you’re gonna get up for him,” he continued, Boxing Scene reported.


Bradley’s statement implies that even if Pacquiao loses, it would not be a huge milestone for Thurman as Pacquiao is already past his prime. He also hinted that Thurman or anybody that will stand toe to toe with Pacquiao might as well deliver and get the job done regardless of the legend’s age and fighting form.


While Bradley is not an active boxer anymore, he is considered as one of the toughest boxers Pacquiao ever faced. Pacquiao and Bradley fought three times and Pacquiao managed to win 2 of them. With all the history of the two, Bradley’s statement can be vital as not many boxers can stand three fights with Pacquiao.


While even Pacman’s long-time coach and trainer Freddie Roach believes that the legend’s ‘killer instinct’ is starting to fade away, the fight between Pacquiao and Thurman is still unpredictable at this moment.


The Pacquiao vs. Thurman bout is set to take place July 20, 2019, at the world famous MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thurman is riding on an impressive 29-0 undefeated record while Pacquiao sits steady as a future hall of famer with his 57-6-2 record.

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