Mother of Super-MiddleWeight Champ Shot Dead After Brandishing Knife at Police Officer

World boxing champion Caleb Plant’s mother has been shot dead after reportedly pulling out a knife on a police officer.

Fox News have reported that according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Beth, 51, was being transported by paramedics to the hospital when she suddenly pulled a knife from her backpack.

The driver of the ambulance pulled over and called the police.

When police officers from the Cheatham County Sheriff’s department arrived Beth brandished the knife on a deputy who in-turn shot her.

Beth died later at the hospital.

Caleb acknowledged the passing of his mother on his social media saying: “Love you forever and always momma.

“You always said ‘work hard bubba’ and I did.

“I know that we spent a lot of time wishing the relationship we had was different but you was still my momma.

“We both wished we could start from scratch so we could go back and you could have a fresh start with me and Maddie.

“Regardless you was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever come across.

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