Mayweather’s return certain claims father

Floyd Mayweather will return to boxing this year, according to his father who told Manny Pacquiao “he can get it”


Mayweather, 42, officially retired from professional competition in August 2017 after taking out UFC star Conor McGregor, beating the boxing debutant in 10 rounds.


However, the money-loving American returned last December for an exhibition bout against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa – beating the featherweight boxing novice in one round.


But Mayweather’s dad, Floyd Sr, told lvsportsnetwork his son WILL return for a real competitive bout this year – hinting former foe Pacquiao will be the opponent.


Mayweather Sr said: “Right now I have to say myself that Floyd’s still got the fire in him. I’m not just saying it because it’s the way it is.


“When a person says he’s retired, he’s retired. But it seems right now to me that he’s doing that (supposed to be fighting) pretty much every month.


“I don’t know whether he (is training) sometimes. I know one thing, he’s going to get back in the gym and terrorise some things.


“But I’m just saying that, and I’m not saying that because of what I believe. I’m saying that because it’s going to happen, for real.

“I think he’s going to return when the right man gets in his face.


“Pacquiao was mouthing off so he can get it again too. I heard they were speaking about fighting again, but I don’t know what the talks at the fights were (really) about.


“But it doesn’t make any difference if the fight with Pacquiao is on or not. I think there’s some kind of return for Floyd. I don’t know exactly who.”


Mayweather outpointed Pacman in May 2015, in a record breaking mega-fight that sold 4.6million pay-per-views and generated £460m.


However, Pacquiao, 40, maintains he fought with a torn rotator cuff, and due to not being allowed antibiotics, his performance was hindered.


The Filipino boxing icon has vied for a rematch ever since, with talks for the second instalment reportedly underway.

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