Luis Ortiz on Wilder Rematch: Either I Kill Him or He Kills Me!

Cuban heavyweight puncher Luis Ortiz is a very happy man.

For over a year, he’s been calling for a rematch with WBC world champion Deontay Wilder.

On Tuesday, Wilder announced that a deal was reached to face Ortiz in the final few months of the year. The fight is being targeted for a date in September.

Last March, Wilder stopped Ortiz in the tenth round.

But before that happened, Ortiz had Wilder in serious trouble in the seventh round.

Ortiz was convinced that the ringside officials gave Wilder extra time to recover at the start of the eight round, when time was called so the ringside officials could check on Wilder.

“Even in other fights, I always thought about the rematch with Wilder. The fight could be tomorrow and I’m already at one hundred percent,” Ortiz told George Ebro.

“If I threw 900 punches at him, now I’m going to throw him twice that amount at him. I had having a good fight until the moment when I put him in a bad state in the seventh round. Now I will be in greater control of what happens. I have been waiting for [the rematch] because I want to get rid of this thorn and show that I can be world champion.

“Being a world champion is something that pushes you. I have asked my wife to help me to the fullest, to give me 200 percent support, to devote myself body and soul to this fight. It is not easy to get up and take the children to school, look for them later, this and that. I do not have time now.

“[They call me] the Boogeyman, the old man. I maintain myself, I remain in the elite of the division, training, with the desire to be world champion. That is my goal and it has not changed at all. This fight is going to be worse than the first one. I already told him once and I will repeat it now: this fight is not going to reach the twelfth round. Either you kill me or I kill you. Either I kill you or you kill me. It’s going to be one of the two.”

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