Legend Lennox Lewis clears the air once and for all on AJ situation

Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis in recent months has been firmly back in the boxing spotlight following a number of comments perceived by many to be critical against current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

The comments essentially derive from Lewis wanting like the rest of the boxing world to see Joshua in there with fellow rivals Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn then got dragged into the media feud who had less than complimentary things to say to boxing legend Lewis.

While Joshua has achieved more at this stage of his career than Lewis did, all in all, he still hasn’t become undisputed heavyweight champion like Lewis did just yet.

So it’s perhaps best not to compare the two boxers until Joshua’s career is finally over.

For now, Lewis in a series of tweets has attempted to put a line through this whole thing once and for all and move on:

“You have to ask why it’s so important for some to pit me, the last undisputed champ, against the current unified champ. This narrative is false, and AJ has my number if he wants to hear from the lion’s mouth anything I’ve said that is taken as negative”

“It’s important, 2 some, 2 feed this narrative of negativity to AJ, maybe so he doesn’t pay attention to what I’m actually saying.  I said he should fight in America, the biggest boxing market in the world. I said he should have offered Wilder splits! That’s not negativity!”

“I followed Ali’s blueprint, but made my own path through the division. I expect AJ to do the same, but it won’t come without criticism, second guessing, shady characters, yes men, manipulative media outlets, and all of the same things I’ve seen throughout my career.”

“I’m rooting for undisputed to be back to the British fans, but history has a way of laying a blueprint, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. The players may change, but the game remains the same. Be wise young man. Be wise.”

“All of those who seem to believe i have nothing positive to say about @anthonyfjoshua i just say how quickly we forget! But don’t worry, I’ve got receipts.”

“However, even with my praise of AJ, NO ONE is above critique… nor should they want to be. It was the critics that pushed me harder to prove them wrong! You can ask any champion, and they will likely say the same.”

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