Kash Ali receives suspension and £10,000 fine for biting

Kash Ali has received a six-month ban from boxing after biting David Price in their fight last month.

The Birmingham man lost by disqualification in the bout after sinking his teeth into his Liverpool opponent on multiple occasions, most egregiously at the end when he attempted to take a chunk out of Price’s stomach.

As a result, the British Boxing Board of Control’s Midlands Area Council have taken action and issued him with a punishment.

Ali has been banned from boxing for six months and won’t be able to return until October 1.

He has also been fined £10,000 – a significant portion of his purse for the fight.

In a statement released a couple of days after the bout, Ali said: “I would like to apologise for my unacceptable behaviour in my fight against David Price.

“I am sorry to all boxing fans, to my team, my family, the British Boxing Board, David Price, his team and his family.

“I am hugely embarrassed for my actions and the way the whole fight unfolded.

“The occasion got the better of me and those who know me including David can testify that my behaviour on Saturday during the fight was not a true reflection of who I am.”

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