Josh Kelly Drops Runowski Three Times, Wins Wide Decision

The fast rising Josh Kelly (9-0, 6 KOs) dominated and dropped previously undefeated Przemyslaw Runowski (17-1, 3 KOs) three times for a wide ten round unanimous decision, to retain the WBA International welterweight title. The scores were 100-88, 100-89, 100-88.


Kelly was last in action back in November, when he stopped Walter Castillo in the first round at Manchester Arena.


Kelly was toying with Runowski in the first round. He was showboating, blocking everything that came his way, and was much bigger than Runowski as well. Every punche that Kelly unloaded with, Runowski was getting pushed back and had no answers in return.


In the second, Kelly started unloaded with very fast combinations and after landing a solid uppercut, followed by numerous hooks, he sent Runowski down against the ropes. Runowski made it up to his feet and he was being battered around with very quick combinations. Runowski was covering up and hoping to weather the storm. Kelly seemed to take his foot off the gas for a moment, hoping that Runowski would open up to engage.


Kelly was looking to counter and picking his shots with more care in the third. Runowski was coming forward, not landing much, as Kelly was pot-shoting him with single hooks. Runowski started letting his hands go when he pressed Kelly against the ropes – but the Olympian was able to deflect or avoid all of the incoming punches.


Kelly got clipped by a big right in the fourth, and he laughed off the punch. He was keeping his hands down at his side, looking to lure Runowski in, and was tagging him with single punches. In the fifth and sixth, Kelly was basically picking his punches and not really being aggressive. He was easily outworking and outlanding Runowski, who couldn’t do much to turn the tide – but he managed to cut Kelly under the right eye with a head clash.


After taking his time in the eight, Kelly was really unloading in the ninth and was looking for a finish. He put Runowski down with a fast barrage of shots, foring the Polihs boxer’s gloves to touch the mat. Once Runowski made it up to his feet, Kelly was all over him with combinations to the head and body. A low blow gave Runowski some time to recover as Kelly was warned for the shot.


During the tenth, a flush left hook sent Runowski down for a third time. Once he got up, Kelly began to unload on him once again, but the clock ran out.


After the fight, Kelly stated that he injured his right hand around the fifth or sixth round, which created issue for him to properly shoot the punch.

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