Gervontaa Davis issues a statement over his reported arrest

GERVONTA DAVIS has issued a statement after he was arrested following an altercation with a man at a cashpoint.

As police attended, Davis is reported to have used “directed derogatory and offensive language at the officers in a public setting”.

TMZ Sports has reported an eye witness informed them that Davis shoved one of the officers that attended the scene while shouting obscenities.

The charge can carry a maximum of one year in jail with a $2,500 fine.

The news-site also reports that they spoke to the Fairfax County Police Department who confirmed that there was an “interaction” and/or an “encounter” with Davis and there is currently an investigation.

The Fairfax County Police Department spokesperson said that they have tried multiple times to contact Davis regarding his arrest but have had no success.

But Floyd Mayweather’s boxing protege has refuted any suggestion he refused to co-operate with police, and has revealed he will attend court at a later date.

In a statement he posted on Twitter and Instagram, the wrote: “There have been several news accounts recently about an outstanding arrest warrant issued for me in connection with an incident on February 17 at a mall in Virginia.

“I would like to clarify the situation.

“The arrest warrant was not based on a police complaint. It was based on an unsubstantiated allegation of the other person involved in the alleged incident.

“The accuser contacted the police at the time of the alleged incident on February 17 while I was still in the mall. I waited for the police to arrive and I fully cooperated with their investigation.

“After the investigation, the police decided not to charge me with any crimes. The arrest warrant was based on the word of the accuser.

“I was not attempting to avoid being served with the warrant.

“In fact as soon as I was made aware of the warranted I told my attorney to contact the Fairfax Virginia Police Department to address this matter. I immediately went to the police department and fully cooperated with the police.

“I was never processed by the police or placed into custody.

“I just signed the warrant and agreed to appear in court at a future time. I’m eager to put this matter behind me and continue my career.

Davis who has an impressive record of 21-0 and is a two-time super featherweight world champion was also arrested back in September when it was alleged that he was involved in a street fight in Washington

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