George Foreman: Joshua doesn’t need the rematch, Delay the rematch

Former two time heavyweight champion George Foreman expects Anthony Joshua to come back even stronger in the near future.

Last year, Joshua was shocked in a fight where he was heavily favored to win, at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Joshua was dropped four times, by big underdog Andy Ruiz, before the fight was waved off in the seventh round.

Foreman, like many, had not expected Joshua to lose the fight.

“I was shocked like we all were when Anthony Joshua was put down by Andy Ruiz, but I believe Anthony will come back and be even better now, because there is a realisation that you can lose. There is a process of grieving after a loss like this,” Foreman told The Telegraph.

“When you are the heavyweight champion of the world it is not like you have lost a fight, you have actually lost a part of yourself. You have got to find it again. Joshua cannot afford to disappear, You have to be public, because you cannot hide from the media. Then, after about a month you get it together again. You find yourself on the heavy punching bags, you are angry.”

Joshua has already exercised the option for an immediate rematch clause, hoping to recapture the IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO world titles.

“I would not be anxious for a quick rematch with Ruiz at all. I do not believe he should go into the rematch later this year, or next. He does not need Ruiz, Ruiz needs him. In six months all those belts will be split again. In six months, they will be out there again and Joshua can get one of them back and then eventually two of them,” Foreman said.

“Go back and start all over. You cannot be in a rush. If I can be heavyweight champ 20 years after I lost it, certainly this young man can be. In two years, he will have all those belts again. He is a great fighter and the future belongs to him.”

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