Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Has Police Called over Argument in Jewelry Store

A heated argument between retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a jewelry store owner in Miami, Florida, on Thursday resulted in a call to police, according to TMZ Sports.

Mayweather had reportedly left by the time law enforcement arrived.

Per TMZ, the argument reportedly broke out over a “very expensive stone.”

No further details of the incident have been released, though, as neither Mayweather nor the store owner divulged any information to TMZ. The Miami Police Department did, however, confirm to TMZ that officers responded to a report at the store involving a “high-profile celebrity.”

Mayweather, a member of the billionaire athletes club, has been known to indulge in expensive jewelry. His luxurious purchases have included spending more than $1 million on a watch, more than $10 million a diamond jewelry collection and $18 million on another watch.

Mayweather was sued by a Las Vegas jewelry company in September 2016 after he allegedly had $1.4 million in debt stemming from a purchase of a diamond necklace.

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