Dillian Whyte insists he DOES want Tyson Fury fight after WBC reveal plan to order final eliminator

Dillian Whyte has declared exclusively to talkSPORT that he is ready, willing and able to fight Tyson Fury for the right to become Deontay Wilder’s next mandatory challenger.

The Brixton man is sceptical as to whether his rival will accept the bout, but insists he would take it if it became a realistic possibility.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman revealed that his organisation have mapped out a plan to order Whyte vs Fury as a final eliminator to resolve their current dispute with Whyte, who wants to challenge WBC champion Wilder.

However, Sulaiman also claimed Dillian’s team had not accepted the ruling and instead wanted his upcoming fight with Oscar Rivas to become the final eliminator.

“I’m the ‘can man,’ whoever want it can get it,” Whyte exclusively told Drive.

“I’ve been trying to fight Tyson Fury for a number of years now. We’ve made multiple attempts and it never happened.

“If Fury wants to fight, he knows where I am. But I can’t see the fight happening.

“If Tyson fury can walk away from a rematch with Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight world title, why would he fight me for the ‘interim’ title? It doesn’t make sense.”

Whyte currently remains locked in an argument with the WBC as he feels he’s been unfairly treated by them – most notably in a situation that arose earlier this year.

The 31-year-old heavyweight was initially ordered to face Dominic Breazeale in a final eliminator for the WBC ‘interim’ title, only for this bout to be pulled out from under his feet.

When the Wilder vs Fury rematch fell through, Breazeale jumped up to challenge the champion on May 18 instead – because he was existing mandatory having beaten Eric Molina in a questionable final eliminator back in 2017.

As a result, Whyte’s team claim the WBC have ‘protected’ Wilder and are now campaigning to make him automatic mandatory, though the governing body have other ideas.

“There’s a lot of things going on with the WBC at the minute,” Whyte continued.

“Everyone knows I’m very angry at them and the way I’ve been treated.

“Everyone knows Deontay Wilder should’ve been fighting me and not Dominic Breazeale.

“But for some reason the WBC insist on protecting him…

“It’s a funny subject, I can’t really say too much, a lot of these boxing authorities are very touchy.

“The public can see what I’ve done, how many WBC title fights I’ve had, how many times I’ve defended my number one position. It’s crazy, I don’t understand it.

“Now, with the WBC, I think it’s just delaying tactics by them…

“It’s frustrating, it’s stressful, it’s a bit disheartening to be honest.

“Tyson Fury could’ve fought Oscar Rivas, he said no, Anthony Joshua could’ve fought Oscar Rivas, he said no, look who they’re fighting.

“It just goes to show there’s only one man who’s willing to fight anyone…

“I’m not losing faith in boxing because I know this sport is just full of nastiness man.

“It’s part of the game, you’ve gotta take the ups and the downs. My time will come.

“I just keep working, they can’t hide forever.”

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