Deontay Wilder reacts to Miller’s failed drug: I predicted this

Deontay Wilder has declared he is ‘disappointed’ but not shocked by Jarrell Miller’s failed drugs test.


‘Big Baby’ tested positive for GW1516 (a metabolic modulator also known as cardarine and endurobol) in a VADA test taken March 20 and has now been denied a licence to fight Anthony Joshua on June 1 as a result.


Reacting to the story, Wilder told AB Boxing News: “I’m not disappointed because of the sport of boxing, I’m disappointed because he let his family down, he let his kids down.


“He let a life-changing opportunity slip through his hands and that’s what I’m mostly disappointed in, because of the family.


“He talked about how he came up, living with roaches, having to add water to milk, just like a lot of our culture has to go through the same thing.


“But when you get this opportunity, you hold this opportunity dear. With the opportunity he had to make the money that he was gonna make, I wouldn’t have been taking nothing. I would’ve been drinking motherf***ing water.”


Since the announcement of Miller’s failed test, the above video has emerged of Wilder in 2017.


In the old clip, the WBC heavyweight champion makes no bones about his suspicions towards Miller and warns him away from performance enhancing drugs.


Now, Wilder has reflected on his old predictions being proved correct.


“I’ve been saying this. People don’t believe me when I say things. People don’t wanna believe it until it has to be proven and reveal itself.


“And then they go back and say, ‘Damn, Wilder been saying this.’


“Not only just him, there’s a lot of other fighters that are doing it as well too.


“With ‘Big Baby’ Miller, he’s been doing this. Why do you think he’s 300lbs and can still throw as many punches as he can throw? He’s being doing it for two years.”


The next step for Anthony Joshua is to find a replacement opponent who will step in on June 1 at MSG.


Regarding who AJ should fight now that Jarrell Miller is out, Wilder concluded: “Luis Ortiz would be the main one that’d be ready.


“Luis Ortiz is always training. After my fight, he stayed training, he stayed waiting on that call.”

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