Dana White🗣️: I’ll fight Oscar De La Hoya – But Under MMA Rules

UFC President Dana White is ready to settle his beef with Oscar De La Hoya, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, in a physical manner.


For several weeks, De La Hoya and White have been trading heated words – and eventually De La Hoya challenged White to a fight, which the Golden CEO was willing to make happen on May 4, as part of the undercard to Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs – likely taking place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.


“Let’s get in the ring. Let’s get in the ring, three rounds. Let’s do this. Let’s do this under Canelo, Cinco de Mayo. I’ll even give you five months so you can get off the juice, and then we can get in great shape and then we go three rounds. Look, I’m going to give you what, a 50 pound advantage? It’s ok. I can take you on. Let’s do it,” De La Hoya told The Luke Thomas show.


White is willing to accept the challenge – but not in a boxing ring.


If they mix it up, White wants the contest to take place under the rules of mixed martial arts. He won’t even consider facing De La Hoya, a six division world champion, in a boxing match.


“Listen Oscar called me out. He’s an idiot. When you’re a moron like he is, you have to fight. Yeah I’ll fight Oscar De La Hoya. Not boxing though. Not boxing. Normally when these types of challenges go out, I say ‘I’ll box him.’ I’m not boxing Oscar De La Hoya” White told ESPN’s Now or Never.


White and De La Hoya first began beefing in 2017 – when De La Hoya was openly asking boxing fans to boycott a pay-per-view event headlined by a boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. The UFC partnered on that event with Showtime and Mayweather Promotions.

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