Chisora vs. Allen is Possible if Both Win, Says Hearn

Should both of them win their upcoming fights, there is a possibility that heavyweights Derek Chisora and David Allen will collide in 2019, according to their mutual promoter Eddie Hearn.


The boxers will be showcased in a doubleheader on April 20th at The O2, with Chisora facing Senad Gashi, and Allen facing former WBA world champion Lucas Browne in the main event.


While Hearn would like to make a fight between Chisora and former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, he feels a domestic clash between Chisora and Allen would create sure fireworks.


Everything depends on both boxers coming away victorious on April 20.


“To be honest with you, I also like the fight between Derek Chisora and the Allen-Browne winner. I think that’s a good fight. If Dave Allen can win that, Allen against Chisora is a great fight. They are both in tough fights. This Senad Gashi is not going to be easy for Chisora,” Hearn told Sky Sports.


“Chisora is coming back from a knockout defeat. We saw Senad Gashi have a good go against Takam on a weeks’ notice. He’s had a good eight-nine weeks’ notice for this fight. He’s pumped up for this fight.”


A win over Browne would change the career of Allen, who recent hired former world champion Darren Barker as trainer.


Allen could land a big money fight, potentially with Chisora, if he comes through.


“He’s a good guy with a good heart, but he really knows this is his opportunity,” said Hearn. “If he can win this fight, it’s going to put him in the top 15 in the world.


“There’s major money, major big championship fights for him out there. I’ve never seen him so focused, he’s teamed up with Darren Barker, they are working great together. I think it’s a great pairing and I’m excited for the fight. I actually see Lucas Browne as the favourite in that fight. He’s got much more experience. You look at the shape of Browne, compared to when he fought Dillian Whyte.


“He’s in a different kind of frame of mind, a different kind of physical condition. Dave Allen’s going to have to be fit, going to have to let his hands go. He’s going to have to beat a guy levels above anyone he’s ever beaten before on April 20 at The O2.”

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