‘Bronze Bomber’ makes chilling KO promise to Tyson Fury and maintains he still wants a body on his record

Deontay Wilder has warned Tyson Fury he will knock him out when the pair finally lock horns once again.


The heavyweights played out an enthralling contest back in December at the Staples Center, with Fury out-boxing the American for large parts.


But the ‘Bronze Bomber’ did not get his fearsome reputation for nothing and toppled the 6 ft 9ins ‘Gypsy King’ with a clubbing combination which the Brit believes could have killed him.


However, Fury climbed off the canvas and the contest was deemed a draw.


But Wilder does not expect to hear the final bell when the rematch is finally agreed.


He told GQ: “Not necessarily. Just, I feel like it was taken away—my knockout. The referee said that he didn’t go off of the rules of boxing. He went off of the spirit of boxing. And I would love to know what that means.


“I’m an optimistic person. I’m rarely pessimistic about a situation. So, with this situation, it’s going to be good. It’s going to be great for the next time, and I can’t wait to really do what I’ve got to do and knock him out again. But this time he’s going to be counted out.”


The Alabama-native came under scrutiny for wanting to kill a man in the ring, with his power clearly a dangerous weapon.


Despite the tragic recent deaths in boxing, Wilder is adamant he does not regret saying he wants a body on his record.


“It’s only when I say things that things go crazy, go viral,” he added. “Because I’ve seen other guys say that to me. [Former opponent Bermane] Stiverne said it to me. Nothing happened.


“I’ve seen smaller guys in the division say it. Nothing happened. But for me, because I can, and I have the power to do so, people take me more seriously.”

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