Anthony Joshua vs Jarrell Miller: Heated press conference

Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller exchanged trash talk during their first press conference on Tuesday.


The heavyweights came face to face for the opening portion of the media tour ahead of their bout on June 1 in New York.


Miller shoved Joshua in the initial face-off and a war of words ensued as the pair sat down.


AJ began: “Number one, Miller’s a little b**** and I’m gonna knock him the f*** out on June 1, there’s no doubt about that.


“He’s an ex-kickboxer, drug abuser, punches like a fairy…”


Miller interrupted: “Your mum thinks I hit hard though.”


The champion then responded, “Where’s your mum? You’re lucky I pay her rent now, you should bow to me when you see me.”


He later blew a kiss to his opponent’s mother in the audience as the trash talk continued to get personal.

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