Anthony Joshua admits the high risk in Heavyweight boxing, trainer wants him to retire earlier

The new age of heavyweight monsters has got Anthony Joshua’s trainer Rob McCracken already urging the ace to plan his retirement party before the challengers get too big.

If the unified heavyweight king swats aside his loudmouth challenger Jarrell Miller in New York on June 1 – AJ will return to hunting down 6ft 7in WBC champ Deontay Wilder and 6ft 9in Tyson Fury.

With the life-changing brain injuries recently suffered by Canadian light-heavyweight Adonis Stevenson on his mind, AJ aims to get out of the game with his health.

He said: “Rob’s just saying, ‘Look, you’ve become champion, you fight for the undisputed title, get out while your brains are still intact.

“Look at Adonis Stevenson recently, even with all the research and information, things are still happening in boxing where people are getting hurt.

“So he’s just more concerned about my health than anything.

“What people should realise as well, the last heavyweights — let’s say Wladimir Klitchsko’s era — they were, like, 6ft 6in, 6ft 7in.

“Before that era, Lennox Lewis was the biggest of the bunch and he was 6ft 4in. It’s a whole different breed of heavyweights now, 6ft 9in, 6ft 7in, 6ft 6in, 300lbs and they’re hitting hard. It’s totally different, isn’t it?

“It’s happening at lower weights now and five years, 10 years down the line, people are going to start thinking about the impact it has on us as fighters as well, being this weight.

“So that’s why Rob is more concerned for health reasons. He has been a fighter, hasn’t he, so he knows what it’s like to go through all the training camps.”

Josh plans to beat some old-school respect into Miller at Madison Square Garden and prove that manners, not money, maketh the man.

Britain’s Olympic golden boy has had to defend himself against unproven doping allegations and cruel “Uncle Tom” taunts from the 22st American.

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