Andy Ruiz trainer, Manny Robles, admits the fighter is not in great shape

Andy Ruiz Jr’s trainer Manny Robles has revealed frustrations over a delay in the start of camp for their rematch with Anthony Joshua.

After knocking out Britain’s unified heavyweight champion and taking his titles in June, the Mexican-American must now defend against him again later this year.

The second fight has been announced for December 7 in Saudi Arabia, though Ruiz has disputed this date and location.

Regardless, there has been no argument as to whether the rematch will take place and so it’s time for both men to return to camp.

“We’re working on getting back together this week,” Ruiz’s head trainer Robles told ESPN.

“I was hoping it would be [Monday] but it wasn’t, so we’re definitely working on that right now.

“We didn’t have a training session [Monday], but we’re scheduled to start training this week.

“We have to figure out if I should drive over to Imperial and get things going there or if he’ll come to [Los Angeles].

“We might start training here in LA and then move our training to either Big Bear [Lake, California] or maybe somewhere in Mexico, maybe the Otomi [a mountainous region outside of Mexico City] or maybe the mountains in Jalisco, but definitely in the mountains, at altitude.

“We’ll get things going. We got more than enough time to get ready for December.”

Just a couple of weeks after their first bout, Joshua began posting clips of himself back in the gym, preparing for the rematch.

AJ has clearly stayed in good condition and seems to have slimmed downsomewhat since June 1.

Ruiz meanwhile appears to have been living the high life after shooting to superstardom with his shock victory.

Robles admitted: “He’s not in great shape, but he’s hitting the gym back home in Imperial.

“He’s running the treadmill, but obviously we haven’t fully begun training camp.

“Once we do we have [close to] four months to get ready for a fight.

“That’s enough time to get him in shape. Let’s hope we can get him back in the gym real soon and get him going again.”

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